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Ube Coconut Bowls


 Ube Coconut Bowls As half a Filipina I love the Philippine kitchen. One of my favorite vegetables is the Ube root, which is also called yam root or purple sweet potato So this root is behind the purple colour. As already mentioned above, it has its origin in the Philippines, […]


Bagels – Greetings from New York


 Cheesecake Bagels Show this recipe in German A little bit New York in your kitchen! You can easily bake bagels yourself at home from yeast, water, flour, salt. The secret of this bagel lies in its preparation. Shortly before baken, the bagels are boiled briefly in water (either with baking soda […]

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Potato Roses


 Potato-Roses Did you know that potatoes were the first vegetable grown in space and that there are currrently around 100 varieties of edible potatoes? I love potatoes, especially because they are totally gluten-free & just one baked potato contains 21% of recommended daily dose of Vitamin B6. 40% of vitamin […]


Vegan Raw Mini Chocolate Cheese Cakes


 Vegan Raw Mini Chocolate Cheese Cakes Raw Mini Chocolate Cheese Cakes with a Cashwes and a pecan crust. When I tried them out for the first time, I was so surprised how delicious they are. This is definitely one of my favorite dessert. Healthy, delicious, creamy and vegan……. just a foodparadise […]

Lunch & Dinner

Beetroot Pasta


 Beetroot Pesto One of my favourite dishes: Betroot pesto  A delicious dish with zucchini roses and avocado! I love beetroot…I couldn’t imagine my kitchen without beetroot anymore. I use the tuber for both salty and sweet recipes. Beetroot is a superfood, equipped with iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and […]