About me

Hello and welcome to Mi Corazon ♡

I am Gloria Corazon and a passionate food photographer, food stylist and recipe developer from Solothurn, Switzerland.

My passion for cooking started when I was a teenager, but especially when I started personal training. I have been involved with sports and healthy, conscious nutrition a lot before, among other things I went jogging a lot, played in the 1st league floorball and 2nd league volleyball.

At some point I came to the point where I didn’t lose weight anymore and so I started with personal training. During the body analysis and the first consultation my personal trainer told me that I was not the carbohydrate type and that I had to strive for a low carbohydrate diet. Thus my journey as a fitness blogger began with the desire for a fit and healthy lifestyle. At the beginning of the change in diet, it was not so easy for me to do without carbohydrates, especially my wholemeal bread at lunch. So a lot of protein and vegetables were on my diet from then on. I had trouble, but with the idea to prepare Low Carb recipes with love and passion on my plate in combination with sport, I managed to lose over 15 kg. within 9 months.

I stopped with the Low Carb nutrition meanwhile, because I have built up many muscles and now need carbohydrates. With this blog I live out my passion for simple, healthy and tasty dishes to share with you! As the saying goes “The eye eats with you”! I love to present my food beautifully. I like to deal with the single product very much. I mean, for example, how buckwheat flour is made, why rice flour is healthier than wheat flour or what vitamins and nutrients are contained in a product. Superfoods have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Especially the well-balanced, gluten-free and lactose-free cuisine has impressed me, and I would like to share it with you and take you on a journey and bring you closer to the products.

It fascinates me how food makes us people happy. Cooking is a passion of mine and it always gives me pleasure when I can conjure up a dish for families and friends and let them share my passion and love for food.

Besides good food, decoration and food photography I am also interested in many other topics around fitness, health, lifestyle and fashion.

All the best,