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Raw Matcha-Lemon Cheesecake


 I love Matcha with his own taste 🌿🍵. In the Philippines the addition of Matcha to drinks and food is a hype and of course I was so happy about it! Whoop whoop! 🌿🍵🙌 I enjoyed Iced Matcha Latte, Iced Matcha Espresso Fusion and the best: Mc Flurry with Matcha […]

Lunch & Dinner

Wild Garlic-Spinach Pesto Wreath


 Super delicious Easter 🐰wreaths with wild garlic spinach pesto. 🌱🌿The yeast dough with spelt flour also scores because it is much healthier than conventional wheat flour and satiates longer. On the one hand, I decided in favour of bear’s garlic and spinach because I’m taking part in the 2nd Challenge […]

Desserts, Snacks

Carrots Muffins


 Pretty. Simple. Tasty….. and Healthy! 🥕🐰Before I went on holiday, I was busy in the kitchen and tried some Easter recipes , which I would like to share with you in the next weeks. During my holidays I can take the time to upload the recipes. I’m really looking forward […]


Lemon-Tumeric Cheesecake


 If life gives you a lemon 🍋, make a cake out of it 🍋💛 I love everything with lemons – lemon cake. Lemon macarons. Lemon cream….. just everything with lemons. Sweets can also be healthy & what could be nicer if you are allowed to nibble a little more than […]


Vegan, gluten-free Raspberry Raw Cake


 Vegan, healthy, gluten-free chocolate raspberry tart 🥧 with homemade meringues 💗🍓Unglaublich how to conjure up a delicious tart with healthy ingredients. I love raspberries more than anything, so I also use frozen and unsweetened raspberries for my vegan and gluten-free tart. An intense raspberry taste! ❤️ I hope you enjoyed […]


Low Carb Porridge


 Delicious vegan low carb porridge. Without a healthy breakfast I couldn’t be more. For me it is important to start the day with healthy fibre, proteins, vitamins and minerals. I tried a Low Carb Porridge and was immediately surprised how tasty it was. On top of that, it’s vegan, gluten-free […]


Gluten-free Low Carb Pancakes


 Fluffy, gluten-free low carb pancakes Tinkered and experimented – finally I created my perfect gluten-free Low Carb Pancakes. Delicious, healthy and fluffy! And gluten-free and rich in proteins.  The main ingredient of my pancakes is almond flour. I’m not really such a fan of almond flour or almond milk – […]

Lunch & Dinner

Red Lentil Soup


 Healthy lentil soup with seeds, dried garlic and dried rose petals as topping. The lentils lose some of their beautiful red colour when cooked, but the puree is very enjoyable! I love red lentils – I also need red lentils for my Dahl. This time I made a red lentil […]