Author: Gloria Corazon Sommer


Wheatgrass Juice

Cooperation with Bio Weizengrassaft* A few weeks ago I received a package of organic wheatgrass juice. It was 30 shock frozen wheatgrass juice shots for a monthly cure. Shock freezing is the best way to preserve food without additives and to ensure that all valuable ingredients are preserved. Another advantage […]

Desserts, Snacks


My favourite cookies are the Spitzbuben, no matter which season of the year. But baking cookies at Christmas time is what I like best. It’s part of the Christmas spirit somehow. A fine dough with a hint of raspberry! In my opinion, spitzbuben belong on the plate of the Christmas […]


Appel-Rose Tarte

The classic in a different way: Hurray for the apple! Autumn is just around the corner and with it the apple harvest. Apples never taste better than freshly picked! And this is also the best time for them to be processed into countless autumnal delicacies. This delicious apple rose proximity […]